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Wednesday, 12 September 2018 10:43

Guayabal Port Services Highlights for its Efficiency

Written by Niria Isabel Cardoso Estrada (Radio Maboas)
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Guayabal Port Services Highlights for its Efficiency Photos: Niria Cardoso

The base business unit of Port Services, belonging to the Center-East Company, located in the coastal community of Guayabal, in the municipality of Amancio, has the mission of exporting sugar and alcohol.


"Amancio", Las Tunas.- The productive plans of this important economic entity have been affected this year by the breaches of the past sugar harvest. However, the group of workers and their managers highlight in the accomplishment of their tasks as established.

Mario Esquivel Batista  Mario Esquivel Batista, economic specialistMario Esquivel Batista, economic specialist, said that they have operated ten vessels in 2018 and met the indicators of quality and efficiency. He said that at the moment they are immersed in the maintenance and repair of the port terminal to ensure that all the equipment work optimally during the harvest that is about to begin.

Fernando Perdomo, secretary of the Trade Union Bureau, talked about the results exhibited by this collective, in which unity and commitment prevails. He also pointed out the compliance of all the missions entrusted by the union sections, specially their contribution in blood donation, since 45 workers are donors.

Perdomo stressed that another of their achievements is the non-occurrence of accidents at work, thanks to the good training on compliance with technical standards and the appropriate use of the means of protection.

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