Thursday, 10 August 2017 21:53

Minister of Agriculture Urges to Securing Cold Planting Season

Written by Yuset Puig Pupo
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Gustavo Rodríguez Rollero is touring the island to boost the planting season Gustavo Rodríguez Rollero is touring the island to boost the planting season Photo: Rey López

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Gustavo Rodríguez Rollero, Minister of Agriculture, called to further expand the production poles in places with available land, workforce and sources of water supply to boost irrigation, during his visit to Las Tunas to verify the assurances for the sowing campaign.

The Minister, along with other officials, valued the details of the organization of the so-called cold season when more than 60 percent of the vegetables, grains and root vegetables for domestic consumption, as part of a tour around the country.
The current campaign has been prepared for the first time through the balance of the main indicators, a new strategy to be implemented according to the particularities of the territories, without improvisations, so that those responsible take the appropriate measures aimed at achieve yields of 30 pounds of various crops for each inhabitant in 2018.
It was emphasized the necessity to apply technology in order to increase yields and incorporate more drought- resistant varieties; as well as extending the seeds of cassava among producers, because of its great adaptability to dry conditions, which reach alarming levels in the province.
The availability of animal feed is below real needs by more than 50 percent. For this reason, they called to make the best use of the available food and water.
The territory stands out by the positive results in the production of honey and charcoal, with a significant record in the case of beekeeping. During the meeting it was pointed out the need to maintain these figures, prioritize the planting of honey flowers and remove marabou infestation. Those present also reflected on the growth of tobacco plantations and the challenge of building more facilities for their collection.
Expanding the scope of the Select Fruit Company is a must in the Balcony of Eastern Cuba. To this aim, it was called to strengthen even more the specialized producers who can comply with the growing demands of tourism.
Rodríguez Rollero acknowledged the potential of Las Tunas, its growth in the current planting period, and stressed the imperative to continue advancing in the balance sheet, and achieve a culture of work that makes feasible the production process and allow taking advantage of the availability of resources.

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