Friday, 29 June 2018 17:55

Cuba Decries Washington's Political Manipulation of Alleged Acoustic Incidents

Written by RHC
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The Director General of U.S. Affairs at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernandez de Cossío, denounced that Washington maintains the political manipulation of the supposed 'acoustic incidents' with its diplomats in Havana.


Havana, Cuba.- On Thursday, Washington reported an alleged new 'confirmed' case of one of its officials stationed in the Cuban capital.

"The State Department cannot hide the political manipulation of ailments reported by its officials," Cossío said in his Twitter account. "Alleged concern for the health and safety of its diplomats is used with political opportunism," he added.

The Cuban diplomat criticized the use of the term 'attack' to refer to the symptoms alleged by US diplomats. He said that the U.S. State Department confirms its ill-conceived political motivations when using the term "attack" to refer to health symptoms that it cannot explain, for which it has no proof or credible hypothesis. The Cuban official added that the use of the term responds to a 'well defined political agenda and a bit of opportunism'.

After months of research, Cuban and American specialists have confirmed that there is no scientific evidence that such events have occurred or that the Cuban government has any responsibility.

Using as a pretext the alleged attacks, the United States withdrew in September last year the vast majority of its diplomatic staff from its embassy in Havana and bringing to a halt consular services for Cubans, affecting hundreds of thousands of people on both side of the Straits of Florida.

"The United States has a long history of resorting to political manipulation and aggression through open and covert ways to achieve its political and economic purposes," said Fernandez de Cossío.

He added that Cuba has been persistently attacked by Washington and that the island "has every reason to reject false accusations and defamatory accusations by the State Department."

The Department´s spokesperson, Heather Nauert, said Thursday that the new case has been 'medically confirmed' and coincides with the 'symptoms' experienced previously by other diplomats. However, the United States has made public no information about the medical history of the alleged affected. (RHC)

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