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Advances in Works to Improve Water Supply

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The inhabitants of Jobabo will consume higher quality water with the start-up of the new desalination plant The inhabitants of Jobabo will consume higher quality water with the start-up of the new desalination plant

The high content of chlorides in the water will no longer be a concern for the residents of the community of El 12, in the municipality of Jobabo. A desalination plant that will start supplying the liquid with optimum quality before the end of 2018 is being installed there.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- That is one of the main investments that are carried out this year in the province, said Mirta García Rojas, delegate of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources in Las Tunas.
"The treatment plant is already located on its platform and we are working in the construction of the pumping station, the chemical building, the electrical installation and a small pipeline from the supply source.
"We expect that as of 2019 the number of residents benefiting from this service in the territory will grow, thanks to the assembly of three other plants of that kind," she added.
The entity has an investments plan of seven million pesos in 2018 that are mainly destined for the assembly of supply networks, which will benefit thousands of people.
She said that they have already completed a new aqueduct in the town of La Canoa, whose inhabitants were supplied from wells with a high degree of contamination and by distribution in tank trucks.
"Another one was finished in the rural area of Kilómetro 2 1/2 of the road to Jobabo, with the connection of all the houses to the system and now we are working on the installation of the network in the Fernando Betancourt district, of this capital city".
Some13 wells were built this year in distant communities such as Ingenito, Gamboa, Becerra and El Nueve to improve the water supply in the driest province of Cuba.
The time to realize the dream of having a good water supply service in the municipality of Jesús Menéndez and the town of Delicias, in Puerto Padre, is getting closer.
García Rojas explained that a water treatment plant is being built in the areas of the Juan Sáez dam to achieve that goal, and the pipelines from the reservoir to those villages have already been installed.
She pointed out that the missing networks will be installed in a second phase scheduled for 2019, with financing provided by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
In addition to the purchase of raw materials and equipment, important actions were undertaken in the province such as the replacement of the pipeline from the Jucarito pumping station to El Rincón dam, which ensures drinking water to the inhabitants of the capital of Las Tunas, as a result of a loan of 17 million dollars previously granted.
Two other aqueducts were installed in San Antonio de El Cornito and Bartle; the latter also included the construction of a treatment plant and supply networks.
As of 2019, the province will begin to execute another OPEC financing, for 25 million dollars, to continue improving the aqueduct and sewerage services.

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