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Investments Continue at the Ernesto Guevara General Teaching Hospital

Written by Misleydis González Ávila
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Investments Continue at the Ernesto Guevara General Teaching Hospital Photos: P26

The constructive actions in the hospital Ernesto Guevara de la Serna runs at a good pace, despite the impasse brought about by the reprogramming during the second semester of the works planned for this 2018.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- According to Jorge Luis Guzmán la Oz, head of the Department of Investment and Maintenance of the sanitary facility, Las Tunas inhabitants will receive the benefits of the rehabilitation program by the end of Decembe, in greeting to the 60th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution.
Repairs continue at the Ernesto Guevara HospitalAs it was announced in previous reports, the "Guevara" allocated its annual investment to the expansion of the family Information building, which aims to reduce the concentration of personnel in its surrounding areas.
"It will not be conceived for overnight," he says, "but it will have the necessary comfort that will allow the temporary stay. The hospitalized patients remain with a companion; however, almost always several relatives are moving here to have news. To this sensible reality we set out to build a bigger place with bathrooms, furniture and other conditions ".
The work had been planned to be concluded in the first half of the year, but it was not possible. "We have the budget and the Ministry of Construction (MICONS) is currently working on casting the foundations to start lifting the walls," he said.
The directors of the hospital, together with leaders of the Cuban Communist Party and the Government, maintain a systematic check up to this and other construction priorities of the health institution. Before closing the current calendar, the challenges extend to the repair and maintenance program, which includes other five important hospital areas.
"Our efforts are also focused to the restructuring of the Pathological Anatomy department, which will have a positive impact on the care side, we work according to the design project and we have the resources."
No less important is the completion of the cold room in the Morgue, which will come to solve a problem of yesteryear in this province. "We should on request in Holguin or Granma the service for the conservation of the corpses, he explained, and soon we will have it here. Once that task is completed, the brigade will restore two cold chambers to store food."
The Observation room is also among the constructive purposes. It is no secret to anyone that the rise in the diseases associated to the process of population aging, inadequate lifestyles and the transmission of arboviruses generate a significant number of inpatient.
"That room has only 14 capacities, since the stay is short there. We intend to transfer it to another space at that same level to enlarge it and place some 24 beds. The task should be assumed by a state company or self-employed workers. "
Likewise, the two Ophthalmology surgery rooms, with affectations on its roofing, will be repaired; making possible to increase surgical procedures. At the same time, the hospital brigade will continue with the rehabilitation of the hydro-sanitary service, with almost 40 years of exploitation.
"The sinks and toilets are already here, in addition to more than 300 metal windows to replace those in poor condition. We will try to revitalize the third floor and then the fourth in order to improve conditions and ensure protection in the event of natural disasters."
The investment processes in the largest health facility in the territory, according to Guzmán, "seek, above all, to meet the needs of the population and raise the quality of health care."

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