Tuesday, 19 September 2017 17:52

Cuba to Receive More International Aid after Hurricane Irma

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Havana, Cuba.- Three aircraft from Japan, Bolivia and Colombia will arrive in Cuba today with humanitarian aid for those affected by Hurricane Irma, a powerful meteor that recently hit the Caribbean island.


Since the images of the damage caused by Irma were showed to the world, the international community expressed its solidarity with the Caribbean nation, which suffered heavy material losses in many sectors.

Amid the recovery phase, which is in an ascending rhythm not only in sanitation but also in reactivating vital services to the population, donations from different parts of the world arrived in the Caribbean country.

As part of the altruistic gestures, a load of eight tons of humanitarian aid arrived in here from Suriname in the last few hours.

The cargo, transported by the PZ-TCQ Surinam Airways Airbus, was made up of rice, water, milk, sheets and hygiene articles.

According to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Suriname, Michiel Raafenberg, the main objective of this shipment is to show Cuba the solidarity support of that South American country on behalf of the friendship that unites both nations.

A ship from the Dominican Navy also arrived in this country with a cargo of aid to assist the Cubans.

Venezuela was the first country to send humanitarian aid to Cuba on September 12, the Venezuelan Air Force Y-8 (2803) plane arrived in at Jose Marti International Airport with a message of solidarity on behalf of that people and its Constitutional President, Nicolas Maduro, in addition to a load of 7.3 tons destined to the Cuban affected people.

The hurricane -which killed about 10 people and left substantial material damage in 72 hours- had large outer spiral bands and hurricane winds that reached up to 252 kph. (PL)

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