Monday, 22 January 2018 17:01

The Noble Face of the Country

Written by Yudy Castro Morales
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There is much of Cuba in each one of the candidates nominated on Sunday, but much more in what they represent as a whole, the face of the people.


Delegates to Municipal Assemblies of People's Power, nominated and elected by the population, represent that face, as will the candidates they approved January 21, who will be considered at the polls March 11, and reflect the country's diversity with men and women from all areas of social and economic life, races, and age groups.

They likewise share those essential principles that stand out among the differences, those that underpin the construction of our social project, an ideal of justice and democracy that puts the people at the center of society.

The proposals that led to the 605 candidates for National Assembly deputy and the 1,265 for delegate to Provincial emerged from municipal nomination commissions and 970 meetings of mass organizations.

Election authorities point out that a critical stage in the election timeline now begins, to continue through March 10, that of visits by candidates to schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods to connect with the population, and reiterate that their work will invariably respond to the interests of the people. (Granma)

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