Friday, 09 March 2018 21:52

Cuba Received its One-Millionth Visitor despite US Campaigns

Written by ACN
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The arrival on Thursday of its first one-millionth vacationer to Cuba reaffirms the recognition of the island as a peaceful and safe destination despite the travel warnings issued by the US State Department.


Havana, Cuba.- The result, obtained four days after the similar date of 2017, has been possible amidst the reinforced campaign organized and directed by the US government to stop the flow of US visitors to the Caribbean island, reported on Thursday the Ministry of Tourism.

The US State Department announced a new traveling warning against Cuba last Monday for alleged sonic attacks against US diplomats at its embassy in Havana.

However, months of research on both sides have not contributed with one single evidence of the alleged incident.

US citizens are prohibited from coming to Cuba as tourists. The Tourism Ministry note pointed out that the main market are Canadians, followed by France, Germany, Italy, Britain, Russia and Spain in addition to Mexico and Argentina.

The communique also highlights that Cuba reached its first one-millionth vacationer despite the severe damages inflicted by Hurricane Irma, in September of 2017.

Tourism in Cuba has increased each year, reaching a record number of some four million 700 thousand visitors in 2017.

Tourism is one of the main growing sectors of the Cuban economy. (ACN)

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