Saturday, 10 March 2018 21:47

Cuba Works on Railroad Development Program up to 2028

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The Cuban Railroad Union (UFC) is currently working in a recovery and development program that will be operating until 2028, in order to increase cargo and passenger transportation.


Havana, Cuba.- The main objectives also include to increase security in train circulation and the quality of the operations, due to road infrastructure, as well as participation of the national industry in recovering the railroad, according to national railroad authorities.

This national link program includes participation by all the railroad agencies and almost all the State Administration authorities.

Besides, investments to recover and develop the system will be divided into stages, as reported by UFC Deputy Director Emilio Expósito.

One of the main railroad functions in Cuba is cargo transportation. Thanks to the implementation of this program, we expect the number of tons of transported cargo to increase up to 22.3 million in the year 2022, according to the source.

"To guarantee such improvement, they are adopting measures aimed at reorganizing trains and transportation operations, and to achieve that hiring is in line with fulfillment of the actual working objectives," said UFC transportation director Rubén González.

The largest volumes of railroad cargo are concentrated in areas such as sugar cane and its derivatives, fuel, construction materials, food and containers. (PL)

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