Sunday, 11 March 2018 05:13

Specialists from Las Tunas will Participate in “Informática 2018”

Written by István Ojeda Bello
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A group of researchers and specialists from this eastern Cuban province will participate in the 17th edition of the International Convention and Fair "Informática 2018", and the related meetings, which will be held at the Havana Convention Center and the Pabexpo fairgrounds, from March 19th to 23th in Havana.

Las Tunas Cuba.- The Las Tunas delegation will feature Raptor, a framework for the development of web applications; a biometric authentication system for web applications by typing dynamics and SEAT, another Transport Control system, created to help the management of resources within the Passenger Transport Company and General Cargo. All will be exhibited at the 6th Community Entertainment and Social Networks Symposium, sponsored by the Youth Computing and Electronics Club.
Wílliam Amed Tamayo Guevara, general specialist of the development group of computer applications, said that after two years of creation, SEAT goes to the International Computing Science Fair 2018 much more improved, due to its practical interaction. "We will present the face to the client, specifically, the execution of operations in the aforementioned Company and the information that the population will be able to see daily on transportation, bus routes, drivers and even the license plates of each vehicle," he said.
His colleague, the master Iván Rodríguez Álvarez, highlighted the value of attending this convention with examples of the application of Information Technology to the solution of specific issues of society, such as transportation and attention to the citizens' concerns.

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