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Maboas radio station, "Sound Bride of the Gulf of Guacanayabo."

A little more than half a century has passed since April 5, 1970, when a radio station was created in this territory, in the south of the province of Las Tunas, at the initiative of Armando Hart and Haydée Santamaría.

"Amancio", Las Tunas.- In the middle of the "Ten Million Harvest," Radio Maboas emerged, which since then has the mission of informing, educating, and recreating those who are on the other side of the radio.

"Maboas" occupies the frequency of 1450 kilohertz, with varied and tempered programming at all times, without neglecting the tastes and preferences of those who follow it day by day.

The station reaches 51 years today with proven effectiveness in its mission, in the midst of such a complex scenario when the world faces a terrible pandemic that imposes physical distancing.

Currently, there is talk of the digitization of this radio station, which is part of the advantages of information and communication technologies applied to programming, which are responsible for amplifying the signal so that it can be heard in other parts of the world.

Once again, the "Sound Bride of the Gulf of Guacanayabo" celebrates one more year of permanence in the ether, always faithful to the principles of its revolution, the same that made its existence possible.

A little more than five decades have passed and the new times call to other battles for the defense of national sovereignty, and the construction of a better and possible world, for Cuba and the rest of humanity.

On this anniversary, the commitment still stands: it will remain as the heavy artillery of the Revolution, it will be part of the fight against wrongdoing; and its workers have the challenge of providing a product of ascending quality every day, closer to the listeners, in which their interests and concerns are reflected.

This is how Radio Maboas will continue in the preference of its listeners always.