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Unusual House Continues in the Preference of the Public

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Galileo Galilei: The Fifth Chamber Galileo Galilei: The Fifth Chamber Photo: Ángel Luis Batista/Tiempo21

Three years after the inauguration of the Unusual House, it is still in high demand by the population of the province and other territories, who want to experience extravagant phenomena that in appearances defy the principles of universal gravitation and find its explication based on science.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Mirna Baltre Quevedo, the administrator, told the Cuban News Agency that the institution has been receiving the public during this three years, although it was closed for some months due to construction problems.
She stressed the high number of visitors this summer, especially those from the municipalities of this and the neighboring provinces that took advantage of their vacations in Las Tunas to go to the only enclosure of its kind in Cuba.
A wave that never falls, a pool table whose legs are of different sizes and still can play perfectly because nothing hinders the normal course of the balls; a sofa from which it is impossible to stand up without receiving help, can be seen in the building located at the center-west area of the city, on one site of the Central Highway.
Baltre Quevedo pointed out that the institution is not only a site for entertainment or a curiosity; but for scientific knowledge, where teachers explain to their students the reasons for some physical and optical phenomena, based on the ingenious application of physical experiments.
Data on life and some of the discoveries of renowned physicists such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Archimedes of Syracuse, Galileo Galilei, Pythagoras and Leonardo Da Vinci are exhibited.
The architect Domingo Alás, its designer, now works to incorporate other elements, with the aim of expanding the options and conquering the public with new proposals. A 3D screening room and a hotspot for wireless Internet browsing or Wi-Fi are other options for the visitors of the Antigravity House.

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