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Ubiquel Arévalo Morales Journalism Contest Awarded in Las Tunas

Written by Ecotunero Digital Staff
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Zucel de la Peña, 26 newspaper, won the Special Prize. Zucel de la Peña, 26 newspaper, won the Special Prize. Photos: ReyLópez and Ángeluis

After analyzing more than 70 works, the jury of the Ubiquel Arévalo Morales Provincial Journalism Contest convened by the Union of Cuban Journalists in Las Tunas, stated that "it was a privilege approaching a sample of the best that journalism professionals have produced in the territory."

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The awards in each of the categories were delivered on Friday in an event held at the Vicente García memorial museum, in this city.

This competition distinguishes the quality of the journalistic work of Las Tunas professionals. The singularity of this year contest was the granting of a Special Prize to the set of materials that reflected the best stories of human interest in the province.

The award went to Zucel de la Peña Mora, with 26 newspaper, for the subtle way of narrating pressing situations, such as the social insertion of ex-convicts to society, and that of families of patients who have to spend the night in the outskirts of the Ernesto Guevara hospital. Her texts were written in co-authorship with Esther de la Cruz Castillejo and Misleydis González Ávila.

The first place in Written Press category went to the colleague Yuset Puig Pupo (26) for the elegant and refined style that distinguishes her and an attractive narrative, as well as the forcefulness of the arguments come about in the investigative work; Róger Aguilera, with the Cuban News Agency, was second; and Elena Diego Parra, with 26, was third.

Yuset Puig Pupo, 26.Yuset Puig Pupo, 26.

The audacity in the treatment of complex socio-economic problems of the locality, related to the production and commercialization of agricultural products with good journalistic realization were the reasons that made Yaidel Rodríguez Castro, Radio Cabaniguán, Jobabo, deserving the first position in Radial Press, which was followed by Darletis Leyva González, Radio Victoria, and Mayra Castro Lora, Radio Reloj.

Yaidel Rodríguez Castro, Radio Cabaniguán.Yaidel Rodríguez Castro, Radio Cabaniguán.

The human interest of the stories, the appropriate selection of topics and the excellence of the photography that combines various shots and framings according to the dramaturgy were some of the arguments of the jury to grant the first laurel in Television to Gianny López Brito, TunasVisión. The second prize was achieved by Damaris Zamora Escanell (TunasVisión); and the third by Karina Zayas Rodríguez, Canal Azul, from Puerto Padre.

Gianny López Brito, TunasVisión.Gianny López Brito, TunasVisión.

The first prize in Digital Press went to István Ojeda Bello (26), for the diversity and treatment of current issues, taking into account the relevant use of resources such as infographics, video, photo galleries and its link with social media. Yami Montoya Pupo, Tiempo 21, was second; and Iris Hernández Rodríguez, 26, third.

István Ojeda Bello, 26.István Ojeda Bello, 26.

Reynaldo López Peña, 26, deserved the first place in the category of Graphic, due to the variety and quality of his sample, which included infographics, photo galleries and designs with the management of modern and functional codes in achieving the speech; for the use of data of statistical relevance, the added value to journalistic materials and for his vision and curiosity through the lens. István Ojeda Bello deserved the second seat and Angeluis Batista (Tiempo21), the third.

Reynaldo López Peña, 26.Reynaldo López Peña, 26.   

The Ubiquel Arévalo Morales contest recognizes the perseverance and professionalism and bears the name of a colleague deceased in the compliance of his work; for which he is honored every year by means of an exercise of excellence.

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