Saturday, 03 March 2018 21:19

Journalist with 26 Newspaper Wins Award for the Work of the Year

Written by José Armando Fernández Salazar
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István Ojeda Bello, a reporter with 26 Newspaper, won the Juan Gualberto Gómez Award for the Work of the Year, granted by the Union of Journalists of Cuba, in the category of Digital Journalism.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- According to the jury of the most important prize given in this professional guild, Ojeda Bello is recognized for his creative and coherent foray into the field of transmedia storytelling.
The report says "In his works, he accessed different versions of the characters from different digital communication platforms, to opened stories for user interaction. He reported on various topicality issues and delved into political, economic and social topics of high public interest in today's Cuba by means of an intelligent, well-balanced combination of formats and plural communication resources, such as info graphics, podcasts, timelines and others, with elegant design ".
"This is the result of a collective work that has a lot to do with the changes that we are implementing as part of the new management model of 26 Newspaper," the young reporter said after knowing the result.
István has also deserved several provincial awards for his work in digital journalism, written press, investigative and economic journalism. In 2014, he obtained the top spot in the 1st Cuba Photographic Exhibition in Young Lens and in 2012 the 26th de Julio Award in the category of digital journalism.

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