Friday, 1st August 2014
Cuba Trains Doctors for the World

Cuba Trains Doctors for the World

Havana.– A total of 2,492 new medical specialists graduated this year from the Havana-based University of Medical Sciences, who will offer t...

La Boca Beach

Las Tunas News


Rescuing Las Tunas' Major Milk Production Area

Las Tunas.- The implementation of actions to rescue the Cuenca Lechera Enterprise is a significant announcement for the territory,...


Las Tunas Striving to Overcome Sugar Production Shortfall

Las Tunas.- The 15th Plenum of the Provincial Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, held in this city, called for the completion...


Planting of Crops for Livestock Breeding Increase in Las Tunas

Las Tunas.- The cooperatives of Credit and Services (CCS) and of Agricultural Production (CPA of this province have planted so far...

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More than 98,000 inhabitants of Las tunas city took the Vicente García Revolution Plaza, to celebrate the International Workers' Day.