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Bermudas Triangle, Enigma that Lives On

Written by Nicholas Valdés*
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The term Bermudas Triangle was created between the decades of 1950 and 1960 The term Bermudas Triangle was created between the decades of 1950 and 1960 Photo: Internet

Havana, Cuba.- The Bermudas Triangle, that zone in the Northwestern Atlantic has captivated both explorers and authors of all art forms due to the mysterious disappearances that for decades have occurred in that place.


This is a geographic area located between the Bermuda islands, Puerto Rico and the U.S. city of Miami. As you join these three locations with an imaginary line, there forms an equilateral triangle of some one thousand 800 kilometers on each side and a surface of about 1.1 million square kilometers.

The disappearance of airplanes and commercial boats in the famous enclave has agitated for decades the scientific community without reaching consensus when trying to explain the enigmatic phenomenon.

Now, however, famous Australian scientist, Karl Kruszelnicki sustains that the explanation could be simpler than thought before.

Probably, everything may be due to errors made by man, as according to the percentage of planes that disappeared in the Bermudas Triangle it is the same than any other part of the world, commented Kruszelnicki to Australian platform, based on data of the British insurance market Lloyd's of London and the U.S. Coast Guard.

The scientist indicated that due to the proximity of the zone with the equator, there is much traffic and highlighted that in the cases of disappearance there was just one person with experience, the rest were inexperienced and at the moment of the incidents, there was foul weather and 15-meter waves were registered.

The term Bermudas Triangle was created between the decades of 1950 and 1960 by several writers who published articles in magazines of the time about a supposed danger of the zone.

In 1974, the mystery became a real myth thanks to U.S. author Charles Berlitz, who published the text The Bermudas Triangle with great success in sales.

The zone has received the credit of many disappearances, even when several of them took place very far from the established and accepted limits by the international community.

Until now, some 50 ships and about 20 airplanes have gone missing in that particular area. And although most of the incidents could be explained, others not, so the topic continues to be at the center of debates between believers and skeptics.

Kruszelnicki exemplified that in the case of Lieutenant Charles Taylor, leader of Flight 19, a squadron of five U.S. planes lost in 1945.

If you read radio transcriptions, you will see that some subordinated pilots said 'Why don't we fly to the west'? And the pilot in charge said: 'Why don't we fly east'?, asserted the scientist, attributing Taylor the responsibility for the later crash.

The cases contributing to maintain the enigma are several: in 1909 suddenly disappeared the yacht The Spray, of Canadian adventurer Joshua Slocum; in 1917 the ship SS Timandra, going to the Argentinean city of Buenos Aires from Virginia (United States) with a crew of 21 persons. The boat did not emit a radio signal, even when it had the capacity to do it.

In 1919 contact is lost with cargo ship USS Cyclone due to a hurricane and two years later tghe Carroll a. Dering, also a cargo ship. Berlitz himself, who died in 2003, made a chronology since 1840 to 1999 with over 30 cases registered.

Meanwhile, researchers of the U.S. State University of Colorado proposed another possible explanation of the strange disappearances in the Bermudas Triangle.

In his opinion, these could be due to hexagonal formations in the clouds, found some 250 kilometers from the Florida coasts.

Steve Miller, meteorologist of the University, explained the hexagonal formation of clouds create powerful air pumps, enough to create winds that may reach speeds of 160 kilometers per hour and create air or sea disasters.

These as well as other explanations yet to come will not result but maintain the fame of the mysterious Bermudas Triangle until we finally have the necessary technology to decipher the enigma, if there is really any.

*Journalist of the Science and Technology Bureau of Prensa Latina.

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