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We Recomend (6)

The workers of the Dr. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna General Teaching Hospital celebrated on June 14 the 39th anniversary of the institution.

The first nationalizations took place in Cuba when the Agrarian Reform was enacted, in May of 1959, and established compensation with 20-year government issued bonds

Officials of the Railways Union in this province of eastern Cuba reported a plan to remodel the station of the capital city to bring it to the height of the quality of the new trains manufactured in China that will circulate next summer. This was announced during the stop that "the iron giant" made here as part of its first test trip.

The breach of the plan of production of sugar in more than 22 thousand tons opened a hole in the finances of the territory. Taking as reference the prices of sugar in the international market in July, it would be about five million dollars less that the country will receive.

The province of Las Tunas is one of the most affected by the impact of climate change. This was confirmed in the check of Life Task programs by the President of the Councils of State and Ministers on May 20, in which experts from the territory presented a report on the situation.

While evaluating institutional projects that may have an economic, social or environmental impact to include them in the 2020 economy plan, Acinox Las Tunas is ready to reach the category of State of the Art Technology Company.