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Wide-ranging and profound discussion has continued among members of the commission charged with writing the first draft of a new Constitution, with the goal of putting a document into the hands of the people that will strengthen the Revolution

Democrat Heidi Heitkamp announced today that the Agriculture Committee of the Senate approved an amendment introduced by her and Republican John Boozman to increase access of U.S. agricultural products to the Cuban market.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018 14:12

Cuba Arrived 20 Years ago to Support Guatemala

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The country has made available to the Guatemalan government all medical brigades currently working in 16 of the nation's 22 departments, as they have for the last two decades

"We are about to start designing new devices and novel components to be included in the Unusual House of Las Tunas," affirmed the outstanding architect Domingo Alás Rosell, designer of that original enclosure of educational amusement, located at the center-west area of the city, and unique in Cuba.