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We Recomend (6)

The first caballeria – more than 13 hectares – of maize of the Esmeralda variety, with high productive potential, is already planted in La Ahíta, a farm located in Manatí municipality, belonging to "Semillas Las Tunas" base business unit.

For the third consecutive year students of two pre-university students in Lecco, Lombardy, will hold exchanges with their peers from this province in eastern Cuba.

The port of the northern municipality of Manatí is the most affected area by coastal flooding of this province.

The fishing industry of Las Tunas contributes more assortments to the basic basket through sales in fish shops, which is due to the favorable situation in the catch despite the prolonged drought; although the offer is still far from satisfying the demand of the population.

It is scheduled the execution of the soft loan of 25 million dollars, granted by the Fund of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) for International Development (OFID), for the hydraulic maintenance of this province.

Through 82 Local Development projects, Las Tunas continues to bet on different variants to improve the economic and social progress of the localities, with the protagonism of its inhabitants and external support.