Thursday, 16 February 2017 15:23

Cuba Reduces Infant Mortality in Congenital Heart Condition

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 The diagnosis and treatment of pediatric heart conditions also includes surgical procedure. The diagnosis and treatment of pediatric heart conditions also includes surgical procedure. Photo: Roberto Morejón

Havana, Cuba.- The William Soler Pedriatric Hospital in Havana has reduced infant mortality in congenital heart conditions from 3.5 per one thousand live births in 1980 to less of 0.5 since 2015 according to the institution's statistics.


This has been possible thanks to the dedication of its staff founded by the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro on August 25th, 1986 and since then the hospital has guaranteed a better quality of life of its patients, said Dr. Carlos García Guevara, National Coordinator of prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart condition.

The young specialist pointed out that Cuba shows important achievements with over 70 percent effectiveness in its prescriptions, which has allowed an important reduction of infant mortality.

García Guevara explained that with four main visits they could detect all of the most complex malformations.

Each pregnant women between 18 and 26 weeks undergoes an ultrasound to look for malformations and among these any possible heart condition, said the health professional.

Over 150 Cuban and foreign ultrasound technicians have trained at the William Soler Pediatric Hospital through courses offered by highly qualified specialists from the institutions and efficient technology.

García Guevara believes that the strength of the program lies in the joint work of the Cardio Pediatric Network, the National Medical Genetic Network and the Infant Material Board of the Public Health Ministry, which guarantees better quality of life for patients.

Since its creation, the hospital has dedicated its work to the diagnosis and specialized medical assistance, surgery of congenital heart condition, complex arrhythmia and other cardio pediatric illnesses in Cuba in addition to the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric heart conditions in the western part of the island.

Experts from the institution pointed out that it also includes the surgical treatment of pregnant women with heart problems and the assistance of over 200 women with some other type of problems.

Cuba celebrated on February 14th World Congenital Heart Condition Day with love in favor of good health for all its children. (acn)

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