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Acinox Las Tunas Gets Ready to Become State of the Art Technology Company

Written by Danielle Laurencio Gómez - ACN
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Acinox Las Tunas Gets Ready to Become State of the Art Technology Company Photos: István Ojeda Bello

While evaluating institutional projects that may have an economic, social or environmental impact to include them in the 2020 economy plan, Acinox Las Tunas is ready to reach the category of State of the Art Technology Company.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- The strategy is integrated into the application process of the new policies of science, technology and innovation (CTI), which is why since May 20, the Provincial Delegation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment Environment (CITMA) launched the call to respond to situations in food production, climate change, housing construction, health and education, and to use the results of such researches in favor of local development.

Amara Morales Cordero, head of the CTI unit in Las Tunas, told the Cuban News Agency that the province has been allocated one million pesos to financially support the progress of these projects.

Acinox Las Tunas

The specialist also pointed out that the existence in the Stainless Steel Company of two Doctors in Sciences, 49 Masters and the innovative activity of the company with respect to the automation of the processes of casting the steel in the laminator of bars, show that this entity is the one that exhibits better conditions in the province to become a High Technology Company in the medium term.

The innovation, led by the automation engineer Guillermo González Yero, reduced costs and interruptions in production, made it more efficient, assured the quality of the product and humanized the work, in addition to reducing the number of faults in the casting machine and therefore favored the production sequence of the steelworks.

From the CITMA-she indicated- the projections of the territory focus on the reordering of science, technology and innovation entities, which includes two study centers of the University of Las Tunas, the Energy Efficiency and Technological Processes, and thate of Pedagogical Research.

Similarly, it is expected that the linkage between universities and companies will allow the realization of science and technology parks, explained Morales Cordero.
The new science, technology and innovation policies range from industrial property, food safety and metrology, to the preservation of historical memory.

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