Monday, 10 June 2019 14:30

Economy in Las Tunas on the Search for Export Incomes

Written by István Ojeda Bello
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Charcoal is among the main exportable items here Charcoal is among the main exportable items here

The breach of the plan of production of sugar in more than 22 thousand tons opened a hole in the finances of the territory. Taking as reference the prices of sugar in the international market in July, it would be about five million dollars less that the country will receive.

Las Tunas, Cuba - This is why the efforts of the business system here are now aimed at supplying this deficit by taking full advantage of the contribution of other exportable items such as steel, charcoal, honey or shrimp.

Consequently, the analyses and indications of the authorities of the Government and the Party in the monthly economic evaluation of the territory focused precisely on eliminating the organizational imbalances that aggravate the already complicated scenario after the tightening of the U.S. siege against our country and key allies such as Venezuela.

Thus, while the sugar workers cross their fingers to extend to the maximum possible the production of derivatives that allows them to increase their income in freely convertible currency, the alarms are still on when it is known that non-compliance with export income in Las Tunas until April already exceeded 74 million pesos. It is the result of not reaching the planned amounts in eight of the 15 exportable items that are produced here.

However, directors of several entities were confident that the delays in some of these lines could be recovered in the coming months, perhaps charcoal or honey, along with others relevant products to the domestic market such as beans and sheep meat.

This will not be the case with other productions such as the crushed stone and others included within construction materials, as a result of the reduction of the fuel supply due to the tightening of the siege of Washington against our country, said representatives of companies of that sector.

This news contrasts with those coming from the most recent meeting of the Council of Ministers in which a call to ensure the supply of what is needed to boost the construction of new housing, either by the State or by personal efforts of its future residents, was made.

Rafael Torres Rosales, provincial director of economy, commented to the local press that the situation demands maximum precision in the use of energy carriers.

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