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Cuban Expert Describes Current Epidemiological Context

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Several diseases have spread throughout the planet Several diseases have spread throughout the planet Photo: P26

Havana, Cuba.- The constant population movement and climate change has caused that the 2000s set a guideline in epidemiology and spread diseases throughout the planet, Cuban expert María Guadalupe Guzmán said.


Travels, migrations, rise in temperatures and natural disasters have spread for several continents diseases that were previously located in very specific areas such as Africa, the head of the Center for Research, Diagnosis and Reference at the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK) explained.

"We have several viruses in front of us, as the case of Chikungunya, which entered the Americas region by late 2013 and has been expanded throughout the area," the specialist told Granma newspaper.

Cuba has not reported cases of this disease, but the population should be well informed due to its consequences and the high incidence in the rest of the Caribbean and Latin America.

Unlike dengue, which could kill people, the predominant thing in this virus is the symptoms, characterized by intense muscle aches, headaches, nausea, tiredness and rashes, she said.

Another imported disease is Zika, which entered the region in 2015 when Brazil reported it but the illness was expanded through all countries, including Cuba, she said. Dengue, Zika, chicungunya and yellow fever are arboviruses transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which has the excellent conditions to breed in warm and wet places.

Experts from several countries are discussing about these diseases in Havana during a scientific workshop, to take place here until August 18 at the IPK.

Guzmán stressed that the 15th International Dengue Course is a space for decisive science in the world epidemiological scenario. (PL)

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