Tuesday, 06 March 2018 20:23

Health System Exhorts to Prevent Cancer

Written by Danielle Laurencio Gómez
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Under the slogan "We can, I can", the Cuban health system exhorts to pay attention to symptoms, risk factors and the early detection of malignant tumors, a reality that in Las Tunas becomes more important because it is the main cause of death in the province.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- At the end of 2017, the number of deaths due to cancer in this eastern territory was higher than the previous year. Although it was below the average of the country, the risk of developing this condition in people older than 65 years, mainly male, increased.
Dr. Jorge Luis Gutiérrez González, head of Primary Health Care in the province, said that the main deficiency is associated with late diagnosis of symptoms. Patients arrive with the tumor in an advanced stage and this reduces the effectiveness of the treatments in the indicated time.
The doctor said that lung cancer continues having the highest incidence; while cervix cancer, oral cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer have been reduced compared to the same period of previous years.
The current situation of breast cancer is mainly due to the fact that only 51 percent of the women have attended the consultation on time.
Early diagnosis, explained the specialist, is the priority to apply the indicated treatment, both through surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy or immunotherapy, thus ensuring a better medical procedure that lengthens the patients' life and in different cases, cures them completely.
The causes of neoplasia are multi-factorial. It may be associated with smoking, a poor dietary culture, or promiscuity, but should also be addressed especially in those people who have a high death rate from this cause in their family.

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