Monday, 24 September 2018 21:14

The Blockade in Facts and Figures

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Granma provides a summary of the latest calculated damages to Cuba caused by the U.S. blockade policy. Cuba will present its annual report on the blockade damages to the UN General Assembly this October

There were still smiles and jocks just before midnight. They did not feel tired so as to go to bed. Even the children spent the night in someone else's arms. Eight families shared the floor of the room at the House of the Combatants, in the municipality of Manatí, as a sort of adventure, without too much distrust. However, everything was eclipsed in hours. September 8th, 2008, was marked as an unforgettable day.

A pretext is all that is needed to start a conflict, something with which the United States has experience, from the Spanish-American War, to Vietnam, Iraq... but its latest efforts to vilify Cuba are unique.

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