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Naturalized Cuban Orchid?

orquideaThe terrestrial orchid of rosy intense and of the strange scientific name of Spathoglottis plicata was native of tropical Asia and of the north of Australia, but has been naturalized in tropical and subtropical regions as Kenya and Hawai.

It is also in the continental and insular Caribbean: Panama, Florida, Guadalupe, Dominique, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, The Spaniard and Cuba, of agreement with specialists of the National Botanical Garden and its digital informative bulletin Bissea.

In spite of the beauty of the plant, the certain thing is that the impact caused by this species in the natural ecosystems that has invaded has not still been evaluated.

For such reasons the checking, in these cases, has particular importance in the given islands the susceptibility from its floras to the invasion for exotic species.

The reality is that it has already been listed as intruder for Cuba and reported as having naturalized for Candlemas, Pinar del Rio and San Jose de las Lajas, in the county of Havana.

However, Cuban biologists refer their existence in new towns in the east of the Island, where has been observed in wild state and stand out the characteristics that differentiate it of similar native orchids with which coexists.

In 2006 observed for the first time in the middle of growth in the Cuban oriental region, specifically in forests pluvial esclerofiles of The Melba, Sierra of Moa, Holguin.

Only three years later appeared in heaths subespins xeromorfos on serpentine in the one in route to the Plateau of the Iberia, Santa Maria, and was gathered in the valley of the river Baez, Mines Loves, municipality Baracoa, Guantanamo.

This year picked up samples in that vegetable formation but in the Hermitage, to the south of the Yunque de Baracoa, and was observed in the forests of gallery of the riverbanks of the river Duaba, in the own territory, located in Guantanamo.

Curious fact is that in those areas is developed in the primary vegetation, in clear or roads, on ferritic floors or ferralitic, between the 60 and the 200 meters on the level of the sea.

The species constitutes a perennial plant with ovoid pseudobulbs recovered by the fibrous bases of the leaves and extended flowers reach from three to five centimeters of diameter, of color violet to rosy, even white, with a yellow callus in the label.

As it is of the orchids that are cultivated in Cuba with more frequency, it can be in gardens of the whole Island.

The auto compatibility, continuous floration, quick maturation of its fruits, prompt germination of the seeds and the successful establishment of the plantuls, favor their expansion.

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