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All Psychiatry Services in the "Clodomira Acosta Ferrals"

Written by Misleydis González Ávila
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All Psychiatry Services in the "Clodomira Acosta Ferrals" Photos: Misleydis González

The Psychiatric Emergencies and the hospitalization ward located in the Ernesto Guevara de la Serna hospital moved to the psychiatric hospital Clodomira Acosta Ferrals, in this city.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The relocation responds to the need to concentrate assistance in favor of mental health.
Tatiana Basterrechea, director of the Psychiatric HospitalDr. Tatiana BasterrecheaDr. Tatiana Basterrechea Gordillo, director of the institution, said that "it is a dream come true and we consider that it has been one of the main advances of the specialty within the process of transformations in our sector."
The two new services are combined with the usual hospital services offered in the long-stay and addiction rooms, as well as the Psychology, Geriatrics, Physiatry, Dementia, Smoking Cessation consultations.
"People in need should come to this hospital, which now includes all psychiatric care in the province," pointed out Dr. Basterrechea.
The "Clodomira Acosta" has a capacity of 107 beds for hospitalization. Currently there are 51 institutionalized patients as a result of non-acceptance in the family nucleus and inadequate management.
"We have taken care of them, becoming their own families. However, according to the concept of care of our hospital, once the therapeutic objectives have been met, they must return to their homes and reintegrate into society.
"There are chronic diseases, but like other non-communicable diseases, patients can be compensated; as well as there are temporary ailments that find a solution after treatment and leave no sequelae," explains the doctor.
Paranoid schizophrenia is still the mental condition with the highest incidence in the population of Las Tunas; it can appear at adolescence or adulthood. Bipolar, depressive and anxiety disorders, and dementia are also common here.

The hospital now includes all psychiatric care in the province

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