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Educational Actions Reinforced during World Breastfeeding Week

Written by Misleydis González Ávila
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Educational Actions Reinforced during World Breastfeeding Week Photos: P26

Breastfeeding is a source of life that offers undoubted benefits to the health of the mother and the baby. Each year, the World Week (August 1 to 7) dedicated to this act of love promotes information to raise society's awareness on the need for its practice.

Las Tunas.- Educational actions have been reinforced in this region of the Cuban geography. Talks have been given in different health centers and communities during these days.
Elia Marina Brito Hidalgo, responsible for the educational component of the Maternal and Child Program (PAMI), explained to 26 Digital that as part of the activities, the recertification of clinics and maternity homes as Friends of the Child and Mother centers takes place.

Although the importance of breastfeeding is even more visible in these days, the Maternal and Child Program conceives among its lines of work the preparation of females for this process throughout the year. Precisely, that was one of the reasons that led, at the end of 2017, to re-certify the Ernesto Guevara de la Serna hospital as a Friend of the Child and Mother center.

There, women are accompanied at birth by a family member and then leave the hospital with the basic knowledge to offer exclusive breastfeeding during the first 6 months of the baby's life, and even the supplemented up to 2 years.

The installation has a bank of human milk. The product -given by a healthy progenitor- goes through a process of collection, selection, classification, processing, quality control and storage for its subsequent distribution, always under medical prescription.Equipment for collection of breast milk

In addition, there is a collection center attached to the Gustavo Aldereguía Lima polyclinic and other places authorized to carry out the collection of breast milk.

Despite the work and the advantages of this healthy practice, many women refrain from breastfeeding or do so for a short time. This issue does not only concern the health personnel, it is urgent to involve the whole society, especially those who live with the mother and the child. Protecting and supporting breastfeeding it is also a proof of love.

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