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Popular Consultation Generates Variety of Criteria Featured

Written by Rosa María Ramírez Reyes (Radio Libertad)
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In a successful meeting, leaders and workers of the Assembly of People´s Power and the Directorate of Economy and Planning made 19 proposals to modify the content of the Constitution Project, in popular consultation since last August 13th.

Puerto Padre, Las Tunas.- A detailed examination of the 11 titles allowed attendees to set criteria around work as the main source of income and salary in relation to activity and qualification.
The inviolability of correspondence and other forms of personal communication also elicited opinions among the participants.

Some proposals emanated from the exchange such as do not limit the positions of President and Vice President of the Republic in terms of mandate and age, submit to the people's vote the position of governor of the province, as well as preserve the autonomy of the territories.

In an open and respectful dialogue, they ratified the postulates of the Constitution Project of the Republic, among which are the irreversibility of the socialist system, educational policy and the maintenance of the Cuban Communist Party as the leading force of society.

The consultation of the Magna Carta was attended by Gregorio Rafael Torres Coba, member of the Provincial Committee and first secretary of the Party in Puerto Padre, and Roberto Cabrera Sao, deputy to the Parliament and president of the Municipal Assembly of People's Pow

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