Saturday, 08 September 2018 15:45

21st Congress of Cuban Workers Confederation: The Union and the Economic Battle

Written by Jorge Pérez Cruz
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21st Congress of Cuban Workers Confederation: The Union and the Economic Battle Photo: Ángel Chimeno Pérez

The Provincial Conference of the 21st Congress of the Cuban Workers Confederation in Las Tunas, which concludes today, has become a space of debate on the role of the union in the economic battle waged by the country and the conscious participation of workers in the update of the economic model.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- María Antonia Amado Fajardo, member of the Secretariat of the organization in this eastern territory, has expressed her confidence that from this meeting the trade union movement will be stronger and better prepared to face the challenges of the collective construction of the prosperous and sustainable socialism to which we aspire.

Some delegates to the Congress during an exchangePhoto: Juan Manuel Olivares ChávezThe fulfillment of economic plans, the timely assurance of raw materials , employment and the implementation of payment systems have been widely discussed from the union sections to the provincial level, as part of the preparation of the 21st Workers' Congress, to be held in Havana in January 2019.

The workers' leader confirmed that another central issue is the functioning of the organization, "the Congress has propitiated a deep look within the work of the unions in affiliation, one of the fundamental missions of the Cuban trade union movement, because it is vital in the purpose of organizing and mobilizing workers, including non-state ones."

This is an opportunity not only to assess what has been done, but to outline strategies and draw new goals in terms of raising the workers' protagonism in the fight against crime, corruption and labor and social indiscipline, and the role of the innovators as bulwarks in the sustainability of important productive processes and services provision, hit by technological obsolescence and the obstacle that the economic, financial and commercial blockade of the United States against Cuba means. "

Issues related to the demands of the organization in the improvement of living and working conditions, the guarantees of raw materials, salaries and other expectations not fully met have been also reviewed.

The Conference is attended by some 200 delegates, who as a preamble to the event held voluntary work days in poles of food production, the construction and rehabilitation of works of economic and social interest and the sowing of cane, among other tasks. They also toured different entities and met the councils of the Administration in their respective municipalities.


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