Tuesday, 19 March 2019 09:29

The challenge of survival

Written by By Ángel Chimeno Pérez Photos: Ángel Chimeno Pérez
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The workshops of the Israel Santos metal production company, Duralmet-Las Tunas, did not manufacture their traditional products during 2018, essential in the extensive housing construction program designed by the Cuban government, due to the lack of galvanized sheet metal.

duralmet22Las Tunas, Cuba.- The industrial engineer Raúl Quiñones Romero, director of the entity said that clinging to history and the commitment to efficiency, the entity survived that challenge and did not constitute a burden for the economy of the country. "We closed the year with profits."
The recognized innovative talent of its workers became an essential piece in the desire to survive as an organization, and the "Autarquía" program was the saving key. From their areas came molds of platelets, joists and concrete blinds; mills to make gravel and stone dust, linked with the local production of construction materials.
The staff does not renounce to occupy again the leading position in the country in the cutting, shaping and linking of doors, windows and other products. The entry of raw materials encourages them in these first months of the year.

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