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Martyrs of Barbados Memorial, an eternal denunciation of terrorism

Written by By Danielle Laurencio Gómez
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"With much pain I remembered this vile attack in which 73 people died, among them my dear father, and this place is a sample of why we must maintain the Cuban Revolution".

Las Tunas, Cuba.- This is how Odalys Pérez Rodríguez, daughter of Wilfredo Pérez, captain of Cubana's DC-8 plane, wrote on the visitor's book of the Martyrs of Barbados Memorial, in Las Tunas. With such words, she referred to the death of her father on October 6th, 1976, when 57 Cubans, 11 Guyanese and five Koreans were also massacred in full flight off the coast of Barbados.
Workers, students, farmers, labor collectives of different companies and soldiers who have visited the historic site, have written Painful words in that book like those of Odalys, to express their repudiation of such an event.
The victims, mostly youth of the fencing youth team that were returning victorious from the Central American Games in Caracas, Venezuela, suffered the attack of two bombs in a fact conceived by assassins at the service of the Central Intelligence Agency and considered at that time as the most cruel terrorist attack in the Western Hemisphere.
The Martyrs of Barbados Memorial, the only one of its kind in Cuba and built in the former home of Carlos Leyva González, one of the deceased Fencer, has since its construction in 1978, the memory of that day. A place that denounce the world the sabotage of innocent lives including the Cuban sport and the integrity of a country that watches over peace and the defense of its people.
The itinerary of the flight of the aircraft, parts of the fuselage recovered from the bottom of the sea, the photos of the victims, some of the belongings of Carlos Leyva and Leonardo McKenzie - another victim of sabotage - and on three poles the flags of Cuba, Guyana and Korea are some of the elements that make up the institution.
"Our dead people raising their arms", words written in the sculpture made by the artist Juan Esnart from Matanzas, located on the outside of the house-museum, confirms the fighting spirit of Cubans and constitutes an expression of perennial denunciation of the abominable crime.
After 42 years of the incident, the Martyrs of Barbados Memorial in Las Tunas allows national and foreign visitors to know the details of an event that shook the history of Cuba. A place that remains a tribune for the fight against terrorism, a scourge that threatens the peace of citizenship of thousands of people each year and takes innocent lives in different parts of the world.

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