Wednesday, 20 March 2019 10:29

Important contribution of Las Tunas to the Life Task this year

Written by By Róger Aguilera (ACN)
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Las Tunas.- The main challenges of the Electric Company of Las Tunas in the current year are oriented to continue the work for the installation of the wind farms of La Herradura and to build two photovoltaic solar complexes.

In addition to what the start-up of these investments means for the economy, it also constitutes a significant contribution to the Life Task due to the operation of this wind technology that will make possible to annually displace more than 70 thousand tons of fossil fuels and therefore the atmosphere will be released from a large amount of C02.
When the 54 powerful wind turbines of La Herradura-1 and La Herradura-2, on the coast of the municipality of Jesús Menéndez, enter into operation, together they will be able to generate 100 megawatts / hour. To take advantage of the energetic charge, through the wind, the ground movement began oriented to the construction, in the place, of an electrical substation that will be in charge of transferring that clean energy to the National Electroenergetic System.
The Electric Company also has the mission, in 2019, to build two new photovoltaic solar parks in the municipality of Puerto Padre, which will be added to the three already operating in the province. To comply with this program, the entity has a financing exceeding 173 million pesos in the year, a figure much higher than the one given to the other agencies, which together have around 10 million to materialize their projects related to the Life Task.
The assembly of 220 efficient irrigation systems and the reforestation of 74 hectares of mangrove, will be in charge of the Agriculture sector and the Sugar Company will be responsible for the relocation of 2,800 hectares of cane impacted by saline intrusion.

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