Thursday, 21 March 2019 17:37

The exhortation of Abel and Yusuam: Let us form a lucid youth

Written by by István Ojeda Bello
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Las Tunas - Abel Prieto Jiménez, president of the José Martí Cultural Society, affirmed in this eastern Cuban city that "the lucidity of our youth when they consume contemporary cultural products is essential to face the threat of alienating patrons". Likewise, Yusuam Palacios Ortega, head of the Marti Youth Movement, added that this effort will be achieved through the permanent analysis of the ideology of the Cuban Apostle and the constant dialogue between the generations.

Both intellectuals travel the country maintaining contacts with the students and the teacher staff of the main centers of Higher Education in each of the territories, and in particular with the provincial boards of the José Martí Cultural Society. Their stay here coincided with the Provincial Event of Honorary Chairs at the University of Las Tunas.
Prieto Jiménez stated that we need informed young people with a critical sense to face the power of the hegemonic cultural industries, he stressed and warned about the resurgence of fascism embodied in figures like Donald Trump in the United States or Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. "We need to make that young people think with their own heads and that is the urgent pedagogical task of the moment, because what our enemy really wants is the opposite".
Yusuam Palacios pointed out that this is why the Marti Youth Movement seeks to position the ideas of the National Hero on social networks, " take them out of the books ", place them much closer to the new generations. He concluded saying that "We need to strengthen our roots".

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