Sunday, 03 December 2017 08:24

Elections Runoff Underway in Las Tunas

Written by José Armando Fernández Salazar
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More than 73,000 people are scheduled to participate in the second round of the municipal elections this Sunday in the province of Las Tunas.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- There are 85 constituencies that must vote, since the candidates which arose in the first round did not reach more than half of the number of votes validly cast in their demarcation.

This round will decide between the two candidates that received most votes and in the cases of parity, among those that were matched, in accordance with the Law.

Some 189 polling stations have opened its doors in Las Tunas, which will allow the completion of the 668 representatives to the municipal assemblies of People's Power. The electoral authorities informed that there are all the human and material resources to ensure the development of this process with adherence to legality.

Of the 583 delegates already elected, 29.50 percent are women, 14.40 are youth under 35, and 57.97 percent were reelected for a new term.

The Provincial Electoral Commission reported that in the first round, more than 365,000 people participated, 88.27 percent of the voters registered.

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