Sunday, 04 February 2018 18:27

Colombia Sugar Mill Starts the Harvest

Written by Juan Soto Cutiño
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A piece of cane had not been processed in Las Tunas since January 7 when rains caused that factories and agricultural equipments to shut down their engines, until the early hours of this Saturday, when the workers of the Colombia sugar officially announced its incorporation into the 2017-2018 harvest.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The factory, located in the southern municipality of same name, have a plan of some 25,000 tons of sugar in 80 days, more than twice the amount delivered in the previous harvest, when returned to the production after seven consecutive years paralyzed.
According to the scheduled, it must process 3, 220 tons of cane per day, which means the 70 percent of its potential milling capacity; as well as to obtain 10 percent of industrial yield and about 90 percent of the potential cane.
In order to achieve this goal, the Colombia base business unit for the attention to producers has 260 cane cutters, 18 combined machines and the support, in this first stage, of a platoon of CASES harvesters from the "Antonio Guiteras".
Julio García Pedraza, director of the AZCUBA Sugar Company in Las Tunas, said that the "Majibacoa" and the "Amancio Rodríguez" sugar mills should incorporate to the milling on this Sunday, while the Antonio Guiteras Colossus will do it when the conditions in the fields allows it.

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