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The careers capacity plan prioritizes Medical and Pedagogical Sciences

Written by By Yenima Díaz Velázquez
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The careers capacity plan of the next academic year was presented in the 17 pre-university centers of the province for the continuity of studies of 12th graders at Universities.

For those who attend this level, 1,371 places are offered in the Medical, Pedagogical, Technical and Humanistic Sciences, among other spheres of knowledge, as well as in the universities of the Ministries of the Interior and the Revolutionary Armed Forces.
In the eight municipalities of Las Tunas, a total of 2,224 students are at the end of Pre-university Education and one thousand 692 are requesting admission to Higher Education.
In this opportunity, 40.5 percent of the options correspond to the branch of Health and a high number of capacities for pedagogical careers are also offered, an elementary need for the development of society.
To choose the places, 12th graders must pass the three entrance exams with a minimum of 60 points, and the cumulative academic index for the entire baccalaureate is added to the average of those grades until it reaches the provincial ranking.
These exams are convened as follow: Mathematics on May 3rd; Spanish on May 8th; and History of Cuba on May 11th. The admissions to Higher Educations will be granted during the first week of June, according to the results achieved by the candidates.
The system of admission to Higher Education provides equal opportunities to all students and for this purpose, in each center they carry out several knowledge consolidation actions.

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