In a successful meeting, leaders and workers of the Assembly of People´s Power and the Directorate of Economy and Planning made 19 proposals to modify the content of the Constitution Project, in popular consultation since last August 13th.

The Vidal Navas Fernández cigars factory, located in the municipality of Puerto Padre, is the only of its kind in the province that produces for export, which constitutes an important contribution to the economy of the country.

The narrow and unpaved street, a few blocks from the Tanque de Buena Vista, was blocked by the crowd. The neighbors waited until the last moment to occupy the chairs. "Come on!," Invited one of the organizers; and little by little the empty positions were filled. Some of the attendants took advantage of the stairs and improvised a grandstand; the rest, settled around. The flag! ," exclaimed without restraint a little girl with irreverent hair, while pointing to the National Insignia that presided over the meeting to debate the Draft Constitution of the Republic.

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