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Construction of Wind Farms in Las Tunas Enters into New Stage

Written by José A. Fernández Salazar
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Construction of Wind Farms in Las Tunas Enters into New Stage Photo: ReyLópez

The investment plan of the Provincial Power Company of Las Tunas rises to more than 100 million 600 thousand pesos this year, much of that figure is destined to the development of renewable energy sources.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- It is already in the port terminal of Carúpano, in the municipality of Puerto Padre, the first of the three planned shipments of construction and assembly equipment for wind farms in the La Herradura area.
Cranes, harrows, drilling equipment, excavation and leveling of land are part of the material imported from China, which were nonexistent in the country due to the large size required to undertake this task, which is being carried out in Cuba for the first time.
Omilton Rodríguez Rivas, director of Investments in the Electric Company of Las Tunas, said that the first towers, nacelles and other components of the 54 wind turbines planned to be installed in the La Herradura 1 and La Herradura 2 parks will begin to be received by the end of August, also coming from the Asian giant.
The steel necessary for the foundry of the bases is already on the location; and the necessary aggregates for the elaboration of the concrete began to move from the quarry of Las Parras, in Majibacoa. The purpose is to start digging and finishing the first bases at the end of July; and see the year out with the first two circuits of each park into operation, with an installed capacity of 10 megawatt each.


The Manatí 1 photovoltaic solar park - second of its kind in the province -will be connected to the National Electric Power System (SEN) in the next few days, after finishing its testing phase, which will generate 2.2 megawatts.
The mounting work of Parada 2, located in Puerto Padre, should conclude by the end of July; and then its testing period will begin. The park has a generating capacity of 4.4 megawatt, the largest installed in this eastern territory.
The Electric Company of Las Tunas plans to build the Manatí2 solar park before the end of 2018, in the municipality of the same name, which would raise to four the number of photovoltaic systems in operation here.
The Parada1 has delivered energy to the National Electric Power System since September 2017, whose operation has been evaluated as efficient since it generates around 350 megawatts per month in its five hours of activity.
Manuel Alomá, director of the base business unit of renewable energy sources, told 26 that in the hours of highest intensity of solar radiation, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, the park has generated 2.1 megawatt, very close to the installed capacity (2.2 megawatt, which confirms the reliability of the studies carried out.
The Electric Company of the Eastern Balcony is planning to build three more photovoltaic solar parks by 2019: two in Puerto Padre and one in "Amancio", in addition to continue workng in La Herradura 1 and La Herradura 2 wind farms, and the preparation of a third in the area of Nuevas Grandes, in the municipality of Manatí.

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