The boat underwent an initial stage of repairs.

Workers of the Provincial Company for Passenger and General Cargo Transportation (Cardinal Las Tunas) work on the recovery and complete maintenance of the two boats that will provide services on the beaches of the north of the province, during the summer months.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- After several years of exploitation, the equipment had a visible deterioration in several technical aspects and aesthetic details; however, in the last few days, the first and most complex part of the reparation process was completed.

Luis Enrique Arias Peña, the director of the entity, said that it was possible to repair the hull of the BMP_150 boat, from the accumulation of naval steel, by management of the company. They will undergo a second stage to finalize the paint, roof, and seat details.

The other one is practically restored, Arias Peña added, because in 2023 it underwent deep maintenance; now only some technical faults in the water pump will be corrected and the axis line will be taken to Nuevitas, Camagüey, for its certification.

Maritime activities are expected to begin on June 28, so actions are also being carried out on the docks of El Socucho and La Boca beach, with the total repair of steel and cement columns, the replacement of defective metal elements, and the placement of tires for the arrival of the boats.

Cardinal expects to guarantee a dozen buses -on average- for transportation from the main municipality to the Puerto Padre beaches, from Tuesday to Sunday, with departure from the intermunicipal terminal to El Socucho. The rented buses will also offer the service with regulated prices, assured the director.

Other means of transport will maintain the usual routes within the urban area during the summer, mainly the one that goes up to the recreational areas of the Zoo and Amusement Parks, the Las Tunas Botanical Garden, and El Cornito Farm.