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Dánel Castro and Yosvani Alarcón Lead Las Tunas Baseball Pre-selection

Written by Dubler R. Vázquez Colomé
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Dánel Castro and Yosvani Alarcón Lead Las Tunas Baseball Pre-selection Photo: István Ojeda

The stellar players Dánel Castro and Yosvani Alarcón lead the preselection of Las Tunas' Leñadores (Lumberjacks) for the 59th National Baseball Series, which will again be under the orders of Pablo Alberto Civil and will have as sole objective to retain the title conquered the previous season.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The roster of 52 players features as main novelties the return of Carlos Juan Viera, now probably in the role of starter, as well as the incorporation of the veteran Yormani Socarrás, from Camagüey, and the presence of third baseman Yordanis Alarcón, pending on the lifting of the disciplinary sanction imposed to him since the last season.

Likewise, first baseman Rafael Viñales, who currently plays for Parma of the Italian League, as well as the outfielders Jorge Yhonson and Yuniesky Larduet, members together with Yosvani Alarcón and the pitcher Yudiel Rodríguez of the national preselection for the Pan American Games of Lima were announced.

Among the young players stand out the infielder Denis Peña, fourth bat of the U-23 team directed by Osmani Urrutia, and in which also plays the pitcher Jesús Daniel García from Pinar del Rio, with good performances in that tournament. The promising prospects Osmani Urrutia Jr. and Máikel Yordan Molina, just released from the youth ranks and members of the National Team of that category, are included in a list of 12 outfielders in which Andrés Quiala, Leonis Figueredo and Dailier Peña also stand out.

The experienced Yoalkis Cruz again leads a staff made up of important men throughout the 58th Series: the right-handers José Armando Peña, Alberto Pablo Civil and Yosbel Alarcón, along with left-hander José Adiel Moreno.

Pitcher Alejandro Meneses continues to suffer from the serious injury that separated him from the team the previous year, although he was included in the roster.
According to some sources, he could have been undertaken a surgery today and therefore his participation with the Leñadores in the Championship that begins on August 10 at the Julio Antonio Mella stadium is seriously jeopardized.

Pre-selection of Las Tunas' Leñadores to the 59 National Series

Yosvani Alarcón
Oberto Coca
Ángel Osmel Leyva
Yadián Peña
Felipe González
Yaimel Hurtado
Alexánder Bermúdez

Rafael Viñales
Dánel Castro
Yordanis Alarcón
Magdiel Gómez
Yudier Rondón
Eduardo García
Denis Peña
Yonisbel Pompa
Ernesto Lalana
Yúnior Otero
Ariel Álvarez
Manuel Ávila
Frank Muir

Jorge Yhonson
Yuniesky Larduet
Andrés Quiala
Leonis Figueredo
Dailier Peña
Raicel Martínez
Héctor Castillo
David Fernández
Osmani Urrutia
Máikel Yordan Molina
Odellán Tineis
Miguel García

Yoalkis Cruz
Yudiel Rodríguez
José Armando Peña
Carlos Juan Viera
Yosbel Alarcón
José Adiel Moreno
Alberto Pablo Civil
Noriel Viera
Yormani Socarrás
Alejandro Meneses
Ángel Sánchez
Yordey Fuentes
Rodolfo Díaz
Keniel Ferraz
Lixánder Cruz
Reinier Enríquez
Eugenio Fernández
Jesús Daniel García
Annier Pérez
Yerlandy Osorio

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