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Meeting of Women Leaders Aims to Materialize Objectives of Their 10th Congress

Written by Graciela Guerrero Garay
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Meeting of Women Leaders Aims to Materialize Objectives of Their 10th Congress Photos: VisiónTunera

A regional meeting was held to analyze the implementation of the work objectives of the 10 Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), under the consensus that the unit will mark the strength of the organization.


Las Tunas, Cuba.- The assembly was chaired by Teresa Amarelle Boué, secretary General of the organization, accompanied by Yaneidys Pérez Cruz, her counterpart at the provincial level in Las Tunas.

Officials from the neighboring territories of Holguín and Granma, as well as the hosts of the territory, reflected with national leaders how to bring these strategies of continuity to the base and the communities, because, according to Amarelle Boué, "the Congress not ended at the Convention Palace, but continues in each place."

A detailed explanatory debate on the 18 objectives emanated from the conclave held last March focused the meeting of the feminine vanguard of a good part of the eastern region, in a process that will extend to the entire nation's membership.

The plenary pointed out the current economic conditions and the intensification of the aggressive policy of the United States, so the impulse to the tasks that define the social role of women in each delegation of the FMC is of great importance.

Edalsys Taseé Colón, official of the Provincial Directorate in Las Tunas, told 26Digital that these meetings are tributary of valuable experiences among the cadres, as well as increase the strengths of the organization and the updating of the topics discussed in the Congress, now contextualized in the neighborhoods and their specific realities.

Its main objective is to implement the lines of action defined by the organization to contribute more to society, and especially, to women's empowerment.

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