Wednesday, 31 May 2017 20:51

Hiring of Cuban Athletes Abroad on the Rise

Written by ACN
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Baseball is the one with the largest presence abroad Baseball is the one with the largest presence abroad

Havana, Cuba.- Based on current legal standards, the recruitment process of Cuban athletes abroad continues to rise, thus reaching 46 athletes in 11 countries.


Baseball is the one with the largest presence abroad with 18 players in Canada, Japan and Italy, amount that will rise to 19 in the next few days with the trip of OF Julio Pablo Martínez to the Canadian-American League (Can-Am).

According to JIT sports , in a meeting held yesterday it was confirmed the presence of 11 Cuban handball players in Europe, 10 men in Portugal and a woman in France.

There are also six basketball players in Argentina, Brazil and El Salvador; as well as four cyclists in Italy, Spain and Argentina.

Also at this moment, there are three wrestlers in Germany, two footballers in Dominican Republic and two softball players in Italy.

We walk step by step, not hurrying to avoid making mistakes; it is important to deepen analyze the legal issue and ensure the welfare of athletes, said Antonio Becali, president of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER by its Spanish acronym).

Becali and other executives also analyzed the situation and projections of this policy aimed mainly at the technical development of the athletes and their contribution to the different national teams.
Martha Lidia Ruíz, INDER Director of International Relations, noted that hiring is among the priorities of all sports, only that the requirements established from the interests of the clubs and the Cuban side must be met. (ACN)

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