Thursday, 05 October 2017 17:33

Foreign Contracts Get Fostered in Cuban Sports

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The interest for the services of Cuban athletes abroad is getting bigger. The interest for the services of Cuban athletes abroad is getting bigger.

Havana, Cuba.- Contracts for Cuban athletes in foreign competitions are getting consolidated as one of the priorities of the Cuban Sports Institute (INDER), sheltered by judicial regulations to protect the athletes, for their maximum competitive level.


Pursuing the objective for which Cuban athletes receive a greater remuneration and get a higher technical quality, though they fulfill the condition to represent their respective national teams, Cuba increases the number of talents inserted in foreign tournaments every year.

There are many Cuban athletes taking part in competitions in several countries in sports such as baseball, basketball, volleyball, handball, cycling, wrestling, soccer and softball.

Precisely, the signing pf a contract for nine of the members of the Cuban national team -7 men and 2 women- was let known Thursday.

Six men will go to compete in Argentina, one to the prestigious Italian volleyball league, and the two ladies, will go to Peru.

The ones who will go to Argentina, will be Osniel Melgarejo, Dariel Albo, Liván Osoria, Miguel Ángel López, Adrián Goide and Javier Jiménez, while Miguel David Gutiérrez will play for Italian club Ravena.

The two ladies, Regla García and Sulián Matienzo, will play in the Peruvian tournament.

Because of the setback in several sports, Inder and the Cuban government started accepting contracts for Cuban athletes, especially in moments in which practicing some sports in the world is getting more and more expensive.

Though it is still early to say it, the interest for the services of Cuban athletes abroad is getting bigger.

Such was the statement by Cuban Volleyball Federation president Ariel Saínz, who said that "the players are physically and mentally ready to face this challenge, and the intention, is to keep our main players in first level clubs."

Such a position has also been reflected in baseball, with the growing interest of the Japanese Baseball League -the 2nd most important in the world after the US Major League Baseball-to sign Cuban baseball players.

This leasing policy was approved by the Ministers Council of Cuba at the end of 2013 and was started in force in January 2014. (PL)

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