The agricultural environment plays a leading role in Jobabo's capacity for financial contributions.

Once it is constituted, the priority of a strategy to be implemented by the Jobabo Agro-Industrial Company is to change how the state sector's productive environment is currently managed and progressively recover the livestock and agricultural programs until full use is made of the cultivable surface area.

Jobabo, Las Tunas - According to the explanation offered by Ángel Expósito, director of the current basic business unit (UEB in Spanish) Integral Agropecuaria, they are only waiting for a bank procedure to conclude the conversion process; and once the documentation that allows them to operate fully as a company is adequate, they will not only have the autonomy to undertake a series of actions that will strengthen the productive environment - which has been deteriorating over the last five years - but the economic management will contribute directly to the development of the municipality.

In this sense, the director said that the objectivity of the strategy is committed to greater integrality in business processes, generating linkages in correspondence with existing potentialities in the state's agricultural infrastructure, ranging from what can be produced in the field to an industrial finish in three fundamental dimensions: the recovery of crops areas extensively, the promotion of dual-purpose livestock and international collaboration to produce assortments and inputs with high added value.

In the case of various crops, the first steps have already been taken to revitalize the development zones in the Melanio Ortiz production pole, the recovery of irrigation systems with sustainable planning for the promotion of bananas and grains, and in the area of El 49 to put into operation another area dedicated mainly to viands; all to balance the contributions that today are practically the responsibility of the cooperative and peasant sector.

Based on assessments carried out in the very shaping of the business strategy, precise indications were given to expand employment opportunities in areas with high agricultural potential and that, far from increasing the environment of usufruct delivery, labor collectives should be created that respond directly to the company, with adjustments in forms of payment that are attractive to attract the attention of the inhabitants - the latter being one of the problems that most affect the productive capacity of the state sector.

Once the banking procedures have been completed, and the agro-industrial company officially established, one of the goals is to recover a dairy farm dedicated to milk production, as since 2018 there have been no direct contributions from state production in this area, and livestock assets have been decreasing to less than 400 animals, Expósito explained.

Likewise, the projection contemplates the completion of an improvement center so as not to be completely dependent on the cooperatives in the beef plans.

These approaches to business development were presented in the context of a series of questions raised in recent days, in which the complex economic situation of the municipality and the need for the agricultural environment to once again play a leading role in Jobabo's capacity for financial contributions were assessed.