The feeding, protection, and care of those who need it most is a prioritized task.

More than 8,600 families -some 15,200 people in the eight municipalities- in circumstances of economic vulnerability are benefited in Las Tunas by social assistance.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The figures represent a decrease of 895 nuclei in this context during the last 15 months in more than 40 communities, in essential aspects such as solvency, health conditions, and support for the elderly.

Miguel González Velázquez, director of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS in Spanish) in the province, told the Cuban News Agency that the main municipality has the highest rate of vulnerability in 15 neighborhoods, including popular districts such as El Sosa, México and Santo Domingo.

Not only do we have monetary benefits, added the director, but we also offer other high-impact services, from social assistance at home, transportation to other provinces for patients with health problems, to employment links and other services aimed at prevention.

The MTSS provides partial, total subsidies, depending on the characteristics of each household and the people involved; on many occasions, this assistance may be temporary due to a health situation, or the absence of a close family member, said the deputy director of the entity, Rachel Say Azam.

In Las Tunas, there are 668 districts and a staff of 594 social workers, with the essential mission of protecting, transforming behavior, and making realities visible, with special attention to young people, the sick, and mothers with three or more minor children who are unable to guarantee the basic needs of their children.

The main actions of the MTSS are to link them to employment or study, as a fundamental way to gradually reduce vulnerability, a mission that today is materializing in some 1,200 individuals, including more than 900 young people.

In addition, the deputy director said, the delivery of household appliances, supplies, and inputs, both for the comfort of the home and for the academic and professional development of the beneficiaries, is worthy of merit.

Las Tunas has 116 establishments of the Family Care System and social prevention groups distributed in all the municipalities, guarantees that protect, in conjunction with national and international organizations and entities, the feeding, protection, and care of those who need it most.