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Tuesday, 11 September 2018 10:22

Booming Solidarity with Nicaragua after Failed Coup d'Etat

Written by PL
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The demonstrations of solidarity with Nicaragua and the condemnation of the coup attempt have been coming today from several countries, together with a call for peace and reconciliation among Nicaraguans.


Managua.- The Unite union in Manchester, United Kingdom, has expressed its support for the Central American nation and rejected the US interference policy in Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil and other Latin American countries, according to the Nicaraguan ambassador in London, Guisell Morales-Echaverry.

The official denounced in a meeting with Tony Burke, assistant to the Secretary General of Unite, the largest British union, the crimes committed by the right-wing pro-coup, as well as the disinformation campaign orchestrated to overthrow the legitimate government of President Daniel Ortega.

Morales also informed about the restoration of peace and security in the nation, after the failure of the coup begun in April.

Representatives of the solidarity campaigns with Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil also attended the meeting.

In this regard, Julia Felmanas recalled the position of the Workers' Party (PT), which demanded respect for the democratic institutions established in Nicaragua.

"The confrontations of today in Nicaragua against a legitimate and democratically elected government are not a novelty in the Americas, neither is it a spontaneous phenomenon," Felmanas said, quoting a PT statement.

She added that in the past there had been violent questionings of progressive governments, such as in Venezuela (2002), Bolivia, with threats of secession from the country, Honduras, Paraguay and more recently in Brazil, where they carried out a parliamentary, legal and media coup.

"In all of them was visible the presence of foreign interests to the majority of the populations of these countries and similar characteristics of the application of the so-called soft blows," she added.

According to the official website 19 digital, friends of Nicaragua in the Dominican Republic, Spain and Taiwan's China region also demanded peace and expressed their support for the Sandinista National Liberation Front. (PL)

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