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Tuesday, 11 September 2018 10:31

After 45 Years, Chile's Wounds by Coup d'état Have Not Healed

Written by Fausto Triana
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After 45 Years, Chile's Wounds by Coup d'état Have Not Healed Photo: Taken from PL

Salvador Allende entrenched himself in La Moneda Palace under the bombing ordered by putschist General Augusto Pinochet, panic took hold of the people and Chile changed forever.


Santiago, Chile.- Today, 45 years after the bloody coup that marked a deep breakage in Chilean society, Pinochet's supporters, perhaps in a smaller number, still exist and many of them hold high political posts.

Associations of relatives of persons executed for political reasons and missing detainees demand an end to the pacts of silence by the Army. Six criminals against humanity were released on parole a month ago.

The calls from the incumbent conservative government to heal the wounds and seek national reconciliation are not put into practice.

In light of much questioned statements by members of the current executive, no one ignores that a minister was dismissed in just 72 hours recently for describing the Museum of Memory and Human Rights as a 'staging'.

On Tuesday, President Sebastián Piñera called an ecumenical ceremony at La Moneda Palace that, in principle, will have the religious character of the hierarchy from several confessions.

The tour of the building that ended in Allende's office by his daughters and close relatives will undoubtedly be skipped. The question is if there will be speeches and in what line.

Later, at the alternate venue of the National Congress in Santiago, the Salvador Allende Foundation will organize a solemn ceremony to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the coup d'état.

The institution is headed by the movie-maker Marcia Tambutti Allende, the granddaughter of the former president, and the ceremony will be attended by several figures from Chile's center-left.

In addition, on the busy O'Higgins Promenade, hundreds of people will gather at the entrance of Morande Street, where Allende's entry and exit door to La Moneda during his presidential term is located.

The Hall of Honor at the Central House of the University of Chile will grant posthumous and symbolic degrees to persons executed for political reasons and missing detainees. The titles will be received by their relatives. (PL)

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