Wednesday, 02 January 2019 13:21

Venezuela Lost 20 Billion Dollars due to Foreign Sanctions

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Venezuela Lost 20 Billion Dollars due to Foreign Sanctions Photo: Phile

The international sanctions currently being imposed by the US Government and its allies on Venezuela caused the country losses worth 20 billion dollars in 2018, said President Nicolás Maduro.


Caracas.- The head of state denounced the ongoing persecution of bank accounts, worldwide purchases of food, pharmaceuticals and raw materials, and described those actions as a "savage and criminal" act.

During an interview with the Spanish journalist Ignacio Ramonet, Maduro explained how the international financial company Euroclear seized 1.4 billion dollars from Venezuela, "which we had already committed to buying medicines and supplies, and nobody responds to the fraud," he emphasized.

The president stressed that his government has denounced this persecution in the United Nations, before Secretary General Antonio Guterrez, as well as before several international organizations, "and nobody says anything," Maduro stressed.

He added that they are working to free the Venezuelan people from the imposed economic war and "to be independent from all that persecution and blockade, and that can only be achieved through the production of wealth."

Maduro compared the Venezuelan harassment with what German Adolf Hitler applied to the Jews, "I have dared, with the world Jewish community's permission, to compare the persecution. They chase us from the United States with obsession, and they want to do harm to us economically in order to suffocate us." (PL)

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