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Passion and Death of Jesus Attracted a Million and a Half Mexicans

Written by Luis Manuel Arce Isaac
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Passion and Death of Jesus Attracted a Million and a Half Mexicans Photo: NTCD

The representation of the passion and death of Jesus of Nazareth, which takes place in Iztapalapa since 1843, without missing a single year until today, brought together a million 455,000 Mexicans, according to its organizers.


Mexico.- Although it continues to have a massive assistance, the staging this time was down by half a million pilgrims, usually two million faithful concentrate here. The ritual of Holy Week began on Palm Sunday.

This year 23-year old student Jose Antonio Reyes Reyes had the luck of playing the leading role, like his great-grandfather did 80 years ago. The young man trained with all rigour and the requirement to pay for everything, including the six costumes that he had to wear throughout the performance, some of them very expensive.

José Antonio represented the Last Supper on Thursday as part of the sacred events, script known by heart by him and those present.

"One of you, who dines with me, will betray me," Jesus Christ expressed to reveal, before the look of fear and bewilderment of his disciples, that Judas Iscariot would hand him over.

"Take and eat, because this is my body," he said as he broke the bread and handed it to his disciples. Taking the glass of wine, he said "drink from it all; for this is my blood of the new covenant, which is poured for the forgiveness of sins."

'From now on I will not drink more (wine), until that day when I drink it again with you in the kingdom of my Father.' After those words at the long table with the apostles, the rite continued:

'He who has bathed does not need to wash, except the feet, because everything is clean and you are clean, but not all," he said to Pedro, while he washed his feet and added, 'If I, the lord and teacher, have washed your feet, you must also wash each other's feet. '

'Tonight, before the rooster crows, you will deny knowing me three times,' he replied to Peter before leaving for the Garden of Gethsemane.

It was the last thing the young man perfgormed at the end of the Last Supper, while the spectators expressed satisfaction for the scenery and the performance.

Friday was the apotheosis and everyone liked the staging in the Via Dolorosa and the magnificence in each of the 14 stations until arriving at Golgotha, where he was "nailed to the Cross" to be taken to the Holy Sepulchre.

The local tradition and various oral testimonies tell there was an epidemic of cholera that decimated the people of lztapalapa in August 1833.

The neighbors went in procession to the shrine of the Lord of the Cuevita to beg for the end of the epidemic and in gratitude, promised to make a representation of the passion of Christ annually, the first time in 1843, although it is said that it actually began before.

The religious event is performed with actors and native actresses of the territory that must meet rigorous requirements. (PL)

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