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Some 1800 Children Must Be Rescued from Libyan Conflict

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Some 1800 Children Must Be Rescued from Libyan Conflict Photo: PL

Some 1,800 children must be rescued urgently from fighting zones in Libya, where bombings and intense confrontations persist today, said the United Nations Children's Fund.


United Nations.- Minors currently in and around Tripoli are at imminent risk of death or injury due to armed clashes between government forces recognized by the UN and the Libyan National Army, the agency said in a statement.

The Executive Director of Unicef, Henrietta Fore, and the special representative of the United Nations for children and armed conflicts, Virgina Gamba, estimated that the escalation of the conflict in Libya caused the displacement of 7,300 children.

Meanwhile, half a million more have been affected by violence in the West of the North African country, they said in a joint statement.

Killing, wounding and recruiting minors, as well as attacking educational, medical and hydraulic facilities, seriously violate the rights of children and must cease immediately, emphasized Fore and Gamba quoted by UN News.

Likewise, they demanded humanitarian agencies should have unrestricted access so that they can work to alleviate the needs of children and called for a ceasefire that would allow civilians to leave the zones of hostilities.

Children trapped in conflict areas are in danger of running out of food and health care, they warned.

Thousands of refugee and migrant children in detention centers are also at serious risk, warned and urged to be released and relocated to safe shelters. Unaccompanied children who are in transit in Libyan territory are in serious danger of being recruited, abducted or subjected to violence and sexual exploitation, they stressed. (PL)

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