Monday, 22 April 2019 09:16

Egypt Completes Constitutional Referendum

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The Egyptians are carrying out the third and last day of voting throughout the country, as part of the referendum on 2014 constitutional amendments that, among other changes, would extend the presidential term.


Cairo.- The polling stations nationwide closed on Sunday to conclude the second day of the elections, while the embassies and consulates abroad closed on Sunday the three days of voting, through 140 polling stations in 124 countries.

The National Elections Authority (NEA) in Egypt clarified that it will not extend a quarter of day of consultation, when the reports that reflect the opposite are rejected.

That body also rejected the reports that allege that the population has been bribed to participate in the referendum.

NEA spokesperson Mahmoud El-Sharif said the authority would immediately address any electoral violations, including bribes.

On Saturday, some reports suggested that voters allegedly received a food package in exchange for supporting the amendments, which would allow to extend President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi's current term from four to six years.

More than 61 million Egyptians are eligible to vote on the referendum on 2014 constitutional amendments, which were recently approved by a large majority in Parliament.

Al-Sisi was elected head of State in 2014 and re-elected last year, after a victory of 97 percent of vote. (PL)

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